Shoals Creek Farm
"The Better White Milk"

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Nubian Dairy Goats

Deer Ridge Farms HCBM Saphire
(ADGA #N1351937)
She is a beautiful long doe with an excellent mamary. She  has a pleasant personality to round out the whole package!  She is the matriarch of our herd here at Shoals Creek and is quite the queen
Shoals Creek Farm WSCJ Cameo (ADGA # N1574958)
Even though she was very premature (13 days) she has just bloomed.  She is a wonderful daughter of Saphire and has become an excellent first time freshener with a beautiful udder!  So excited she pulled through.
Shoals Creek Farm DRFN Jade
This is our cream of the kid crop for 2012, and is  Saphire's doeling this year.  She is just huge;  breaking all records on this farm.  As a 5 month old is 98 lbs. already.  I have never seen growth like this on a kid before.  She is so friendly, and is obviously thriving on her dam's milk!
Shoals Creek Farm DRFN Emerald
Emmy was born in late May and is the sweetest doeling ever.  She was raised by her dam and supplemented with a bottle as her first time mom was still trying to figure out what to do with this needy crying young one!  She is also growing nicely.  I just weighed her and she is 53 lbs. at 10 weeks!
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